Petit Verdot Wine Grapes Per KG Victoria Australia

$4.00 $3.00

Pertit Verdot Wine Grapes for Sale Per Kilo in Victoria, Australia.

Grapes are grown on our estate vineyard at Landsborough, Victoria in the Cool climate Pyrenees region.

Grapes will be available during harvest between Feb 2020 and Early April 2020, depending on the prevailing conditions of the season.

Grapes will be harvested at typical standard quality parameter specifications for the making of Cabernet Savignon wine. (Petit Verdot must is typically utilised in small quantities in the manufacture of cab sav)

You may specify some characteristics in advance if you wish your grapes to deviate from these technical parameters, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

  • Sugar Content: (Degrees Brix, or Baume)
  • pH
  • Total Acidity


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